Garber's Quarters

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Garber's Quarters

Post  Michael Garber on Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:08 pm

Second Lieutenant Michael Garber marched into his room and immediately opened up his closet. He pulled out his body armor and seabag from the bottom of the closet and placed it all on his bed. From there he began gathering his materials. First thing was first. He needed the essentials.

He walked into the bathroom unit of his quarters and grabbed his tooth brush and two tubes of tooth paste. He then opened up the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of sunscreen. He re-entered the main room and placed those items into his seabag. He then retrieved four pairs of skivvies and folded them neatly into the seabag. Afterwards he snatched up his favorite book collection and placed said items into the seabag, picking some sunglasses and other random articles of property as an after thought.

After that he zipped up the seabag and went straight to work with his combat articles and materials. He would be completely squared away for muster tomorrow.


Name: Michael Garber
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Billet: Second Platoon Commander
MOS: 0302 Infantry Officer
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