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Heinlien, David

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Name: David Heinlien
Rank: Private
MOS: RTO (radio telephone operator)
Billet: Platoon RTO, Headquarters Element
Years of Service: 5 months.

Age: 19
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 210 lbs
Personality: A brooding young man, David is often found deep in his own thoughts, his friends in boot would often find him lying on his bunk staring into space. That is until he gets into operations with his unit, where David quickly drops into the team, becoming much more open and active. He knows how important he is as an RTO, and he sticks with his team, co-ordinating with other units, and bringing in the heavy support when a contact gets too heavy.
On the outside David is an avid range shooter, his father having taught him how to shoot from an early range, on everything from a .22 rifle to an AR-15. He has occasionally hunted but finds hunting anything but deer and big game to be far too arduous to spend time doing. Sport was never really his forte, and he prefers to read and study than go out with a pigskin.
History: Born too a moderately wealthy family in Utah, David spent most of his young life that he wasn't in school on a gun range, firing of hundreds of rounds down range alongside his dad. He wasn't an outside sort of person, unless outside consisted of a snowy peak, with a rifle in his hands and a white-tailed deer in his sights. From the age of about twelve he dreamed of joining the marines, and began to neglect his studies in order to spend more time honing his skills on the range. After his eighteenth year, he tried to raise funds to get too college, but without any help he was never going to raise enough cash. Instead he decided to follow his dream and finally join the marines, hoping they would put him through college. In boot, he discovered his knack for RTO work, and began to develop his skills with comms chatter.

Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark brown
Medical Conditions: none
Wounds: none

Weapons: Ontario OKC3S Khaki Brown USMC Bayonet
M16A4 MWS Service Rifle
AN/PVQ-31 ACOG scope
AN/PEQ-2 (right hand side)
Magpul XTM rail covers (Top and side)

M590A1 Shotgun

M67 Fragmentation Grenade x2
M18 Smoke Grenade x2
M84 Stun (Flashbang) Grenade x2
SINCGARS-Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System

Equipment: Marine Corps Uniforms

Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform x4

Woodland x3
Desert x2

Blouse (jacket)

OD Undershirts x4
”Wooly-Pooly” Sweater
8-Point Utility Cover x2


Bonnie Cover


Suede Coyote Brown Infantry Combat Boots
Suede Coyote Brown Jungle Boots
Khaki Web belt
MCMAP Color coded Belt
Coyote Brown Polartec fleece
E.C.W.C.S. Gortex MarPat Jacket


Black/OD/Coyote Tan Boot Socks x3

Physical Training

OD PT Shorts
Running Shoes “Go fasters”
Ankle socks x6
OD Sweater w/ EGA stamped on
OD Sweatpants
USMC Track Jacket
USMC Track Trousers
Neon yellow Safety Belt

Service Uniform

Alpha Blouse
Bravo Blouse x3
Charlie Blouse x2
Service Uniform Trousers x2
White Undershirt x3
Corframs Dress Shoes(Bates)
Garrison “Pisscutter” Cover w/ small black EGA
Barracks Cover w/ large black EGA
Necktie w/ Clasp
Black Socks Knee high x2

Dress Uniform Enlisted

Dress Blue Trousers
Dress Blues Cover w/ large gold EGA

Head Gear

Lightweight Helmet

Reversible Helmet Cover


PVS-14 PASGT Night Vision Mounts
Helmet bands

OD Green

ESS Ballistic Goggles w/ Cover


Modular Tactical Armor
MOLLE vest (Extra PALS webbing)
MOLLE triple STANAG Pouch (3 magazines each)
Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK)
Black ballpoint pen
Black Sharpie
Canteen x2
Grenade Pouch
Green Chem light x2
OD Duty Belt w/ side release buckle

Other Gear

ILBE Assault Pack ArcTeryx

OD Sleeping Bag
OD Sleeping Pad
Towel x2
OD Poncho
Entrenching tool
Tent half and Stakes
OD Micro-fleece cap (beanie)
OD Scarf
Elastic Boot Bands x8
OD Liquid filled lensatic compass
Nomex Flight Gloves (OD)


Primary Weapon Magazine x(6)


Razor Blades x10
Small Mirror
Shaving Cream (1 bottle)
Liquid Body Wash (1 bottle)
Bar of Soap x2
Soap Dish
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste (2 small tubes)
Medicated Lip Balm
Sun Screen
Foot Powder


M45 NBC Mask w/carrier
Mask carrier
Gloves and overboots


Dog tags x2 w/ silencer
Digital camera w/ video function

David slumped in the back of the HMMWV his rifle pointing out the the left hand window. Anders, who was manning the mounted gun, kicked him in the thigh.
"Wake up Heinlien. We're almost on target." He swivelled the turret slightly, tracking an object in the distance.
"Yeah yeah Anders, i hear you." David sat up in his seat, readying his rifle. They rolled on in the endless desert...

The convoy was getting hammered by fire from the enemy held town. The Lt swung round in his seat as David loosed off another burst at a distant target.
"Heinlien! Get on the radio and bring in some hurt on these guys. I don't wanna be pinned anymore." He spun again and began chattering into his unit mike.
"Sir." David dropped low in his seat and grabbed the pickup off his SINCGARS. "Jackhammer, Jackhammer, this is Alpha-1. We need fire on Grid position 0546-6540. Drop one and await orders. Over." David peeked over the lip of the window and waited for the shell burst. It landed directly in the middle of the enemy position. "Jackhammer, thats a solid hit. five rounds, Fire for effect, over" David grabbed up his rifle again and began putting out bursts of fire. A few second later detonations began throwing up clods of earth high into the air in and around the enemy positions. The fire from the town slowed and then stopped completely. the LT turned once more "Good work Heinlien." He grinned and was about to speak again when they suddenly heard the distant calls of Medic!

David dropped out of the HMMWV straight after the LT and they both ran over to the third vehicle. It was an open topped variant and the driver was slumped over his steering column, with the units medic standing over him. As the LT ran up the corpsman turned and called out.
"He's dead man. Bled out all over his car, shot in the chest." The LT jogged over and slapped the corpse on the leg.
"Hey man. Hows it feel to be an ugly whisky-tango corpse?" The 'corpse' sat up suddenly and blinked slowly.
"It feels shitty. Those wheels are hard. I need a shit." The man jumped off his vehicle and wandered off. David walked up.
"That was fucking cool, LT. I love arty..."

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Player E-Mail: barnest2@hotmail.com
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