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Post  Michael Garber on Fri May 28, 2010 2:41 pm


Considering that some of the people recruited have not posted and our general low numbers -- which hopefully will change in the future -- we will be reconsolidating after the training thread. Meaning, in simple terms, you will be reassigned and MOSs will be changed in accordance with filling the positions needed. I hope this does not pose a problem for any of you. Both Hobbar and myself want this RPG to prosper and grow and we know that is a difficult thing to accomplish. I trust you will all go that extra step to make our hopes come true. We'll take care of you, but please, make sure you're covering our asses as well. Wink

Now because I want everyone to be happy with the positions you're in, you may post below the positions you would like. As of currently there will be NO designated marksman positions unless specifically assigned by myself or Hobbar. The positions available are MOS 0311 or 0331 (Fireteam Leader, Rifleman, and Grenadier billets and SAW Operator billets respectively). Take your pick of MOS and we'll assign you where you're needed. If you'd like a specific billet you can request it but it does ensure you will receive it. I hope you will all post your requests.
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