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Sgt. Jacob Honeysett

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Photo Identification:
Name: Jacob James Honeysett
Rank: Sergeant
MOS: 0311 (Rifleman)
Billet: Squad Leader
Years of Service: 4

Age: 22
Height: 6'0
Weight: 207lb
Personality: Withdrawn, cool headed and with a sound military mind. Cynical and will speak if he has to.
Born in the UK in 1988, Jacob had a fairly normal childhood. Growing up he had a dream to join the royal artillery...but at the age of 15 he moved to America with his family due to his father's work. after finishing school at 18, he came out and walked straight to the recruiting offices with a few like minded friend. His friends were joining the marines though, after some peer pressure he signed up...and loved it.

On a tour of duty in Iraq, Jacob saw himself promoted from Corporal to Sergeant and he was transferred away from his original company.

Saying goodbye to his friends he tried to settle into his new regiment, until another transfer sent him to 4th Batallion, 1st Regiment. Preparing for a new start with a new group of soldiers - he plans to do what he does best. Lead men and help them excel in the fight.

Jacob currently has:
Good conduct medal
Marine Corps Expeditionary medal
Commendation medal

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Medical Conditions: None.
Wounds: Jacob has scarring up his right forearm from a burst of shrapnel, and a scar across the bridge of his nose from a stone chip.

Weapons: M4 Carbine W/ITL MARS Sight

Breathing heavily, Jacob poked his head out round the corner of the wall and saw the objective building. A machine gun nest bristled from a window on the second floor - and he watched as about half a dozen soldiers fell back from their foxholes into the building under his troops' fire.

Looking for natural cover, Jacob spotted a low brick wall just before the house. Too low and too delicate for the MG they had trained before the house - past that it was the recently vacated foxholes and a few trees and bits of bush. Past the cover they were in at the moment, 2 abandoned houses opposite sides of the street, little more than rubble and some walls, they were in trouble if they thought they could take that place.

Ducking back, he thought for a moment.

"I'm popping smoke, when it starts getting cloudy...I want me and 5 others to run through the smoke to the cover on the other side of the street. I want the MG on me, anyone with a launcher is to stay behind, and when the machine gun's attention is on us - I want you to pop a grenade at the top floor of the house." He looked at his men, crouched down, caked in sweat dirt and, in places, blood. There were 2 people with the underslung grenade launchers.

"It'd be pretty good if you could get 2 grenades each at the front of that other guys - just lay down fire at the windows, keep them ducking."

Taking a smoke grenade out of his belt, he rolled it on the ground into the middle of the road. It wasn't long before white clouds started spouting up. "Now" he said. and started to they were in the middle of the road, the machine gun chattered to life and the dirt started to spray up around his feet. there were two muffled thumps and then two deafening explosions, and the machine gun fire stopped as quickly as it had started. As he dived into cover behind the wall he lay still and watched his men come out of the smoke safely. A man at the back was limping, when he ducked in he rolled up his trouser leg. It was a small cut, the machine gun had hit a bullet which had propelled into the back of his calf. A minor wound at best.

He poked his head out of cover and saw a smoking ruin where the upper front wall of the house had been. Looking across he saw his two men prepare to fire again.

He tapped his machine gunner on the shoulder "Start shooting up the front of the house." as the gunner wormed into position, he looked at the remaining 5 soldiers. There's gonna be a lot of fire in a second, all directed at that house. We're running up to the side to assault and clear it room to room. Understood?" There were murmers and nods of agreement. Forming up to move, he radio'd in his plan to the rest of the squad.

Taking a deep breath, he counted to 5...on the count of 5 he motioned for them to move out - and the marines slithered from shadow to shadow until they were no more than 15 meters from the house. Then the cover fire stopped...and it was their turn to shoot...

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