Campaign - Brazilian AO

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Campaign - Brazilian AO

Post  Michael Garber on Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:00 pm

Hello there,

The first campaign here at Dogs of War shall not be your typical one. Whereas most modern day warfare role-playing games like to base their conflicts off of what is occurring in Asia and the Middle East, I have decided to take a different turn. We are going to be fighting in the South American Theater of Operations, against a uniformed rebel militant group that is holding the Brazilian government hostage.

Intel suggests that the rebel group, known as the "Righteous Fist," is allied with many of the prominent gangs and crime organizations in the country. So expect to be fighting hostiles around the ages of thirteen to eighteen, while fighting uniformed rebels that range from ages eighteen to forty-five. Official word in the RP will come soon as well as the full mission brief when you arrive in theater. You're gonna have plenty of targets and lot's of work to do. Get some, Marines!


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