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Photo Identification: Not a required field, but definitely helpful (please ensure photo is medium-sized at max).
Name: Bjarne Jørgensen
Rank: Private First Class
MOS: 0331 Machine Gunner
Billet: 17th Fireteam, SAW gunner
Years of Service: 1 year of service a bit more than bootcamp (as extended has eight month service as a part of military service in his home country)

Age: 20
Height: 1.85 meters.
Weight: 100 kg.
Personality: bjarne is a helpfull person and values friends and family over anything else.
He has a deep respect towards other peoples oppionions but if his own are pissed on he gets mad and are willing to fight for them. His temper sometimes runs of and it sometimes gets the best of him.
He has the will to go on and on but will often get easily annoyed at simple things when on the long run and many gets tired of him.
He is a bit of a racist towards muslims but towards nobody else.
He is patriotic and true to both America and Denmark and will at any cost defend either of them.

History: He is born and raised in the country of Denmark. He was born in Copenhagen which is the main capitol of Denmark. He was born into a military familly and it was expected of him to join the military. His father is a Captain of the danish royal guard and his mother works at the office.

As kid he always wanted adventure and was a boyscout for 7 years before leaving.
He joined a soccer clup and played soccer for 5 years. He wasnt good at it but he loved the sport and only stopped because of his education. Instead he started rowing Kayak and learned the sea well.
He got out of elementary school with okay grades that granted him access to a college. The grades wasnt much better but he was satisfied with them.

Him and his parents always traveled to france in the summer vacation. He saw all the places of ww1 and ww2 and learned that freedom had a cost and it was expected of him that he would be ready for his country to do the same.

After his education he got drafted and he had to take a 8 month military service. His father expected him to stay in the army and get a career and so did his mother. He didnt, he had followed the u.s marine Corps interrested and wished to sign up for it.
In the royal guard he selected to be support gunner and was granted a silver medal at the firing range. (within the standards of the support weapon category)

His english isnt native so his english is heavy with accent and sometimes danish words sneaks into his lang.

In boot camp in the US. Marines he tried to fire a M16A4 for the first time and because he was used to fire a weapon, with a way higher recoil, he stopped firing and told the drill sergeant the rifle was defect.
The drill sergeant asked what he ment by that bjarne said "there was no recoil" the drill sergeant had looked surprised at him and asked if he had fired another weapon before. "yes a G3A3 rifle in my countrys military service"
After boot he signed up as support gunner and again the first time he fired the M240 he was surprised with the lower recoil. But this time he knew there could be a difference and kep firing the machine gun. Afterwards shaking his head "these new weapons a weird" back home he had used a version of the MG42 and it had kicked as hell just like the M75.

In boot they had been running a training course and when jumping down from a tower he had landed on his arm and broke it. The rest of the boot camp went well and no other accidents happened because of him.
Though theres still a investigation going on who started a brawl in a bar once. Some rumors say it was him who started it others say it was another no ones really sure. But one things for sure he was at the bar it happened.
He had been involved in a few fights when somebody made fun of him and his country and a few times both sides ended up regretting what they had done.

He dislikes muslims after he was beaten by a gang of six and has never trusted a muslim since. (this is not towards African americans, Chinease, Russians, etc.)

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: brown
Medical Conditions: None
Wounds: Broke a arm once in boot.

Weapons: M240 Medium Machine Gun
M67 Fragmentation Grenade x2
M18 Smoke Grenade x2
M84 Stun (Flashbang) Grenade x2

Carries a sharp 7.62 shell around with him all the time for luck. It had been the last bullet in a belt when he had fired the LMG for the first time.
Book on the functions of a MG62
5 Gaunts ghosts novels
Old black beret with a royal guard insignia on it.
A hand ball
Old dog tags from danish service
Pictures of family, friends, military service and his old MG62.
Imperial guardsman uplifting primar.
Playing cards.

Marine Corps Uniforms
•Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform x4
•Woodland x3
•Desert x2
•Blouse (jacket)
•OD Undershirts x4
•”Wooly-Pooly” Sweater
•8-Point Utility Cover x2
•Bonnie Cover
•Suede Coyote Brown Infantry Combat Boots
•Suede Coyote Brown Jungle Boots
•Khaki Web belt
•MCMAP Color coded Belt
•Coyote Brown Polartec fleece
•E.C.W.C.S. Gortex MarPat Jacket
•Black/OD/Coyote Tan Boot Socks x3
Physical Training
•OD PT Shorts
•Running Shoes “Go fasters”
•Ankle socks x6
•OD Sweater w/ EGA stamped on
•OD Sweatpants
•USMC Track Jacket
•USMC Track Trousers
•Neon yellow Safety Belt
Service Uniform
•Alpha Blouse
•Bravo Blouse x3
•Charlie Blouse x2
•Service Uniform Trousers x2
•White Undershirt x3
•Corframs Dress Shoes(Bates)
•Garrison “Pisscutter” Cover w/ small black EGA
•Barracks Cover w/ large black EGA
•Necktie w/ Clasp
•Black Socks Knee high x2
Dress Uniform (Enlisted)
•Dress Blue Trousers
•Dress Blues Cover w/ large gold EGA
Head Gear
•Lightweight Helmet
•Reversible Helmet Cover
•PVS-14 PASGT Night Vision Mounts
•Helmet bands
•OD Green
•ESS Ballistic Goggles w/ Cover
•Modular Tactical Armor
•MOLLE vest (Extra PALS webbing)
•MOLLE triple STANAG Pouch (3 magazines each)
•Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK)
•Black ballpoint pen
•Black Sharpie
•Canteen x2
•Grenade Pouch
•Green Chem light x2
•OD Duty Belt w/ side release buckle
Other Gear
ILBE Assault Pack ArcTeryx
•OD Sleeping Bag
•OD Sleeping Pad
•Towel x2
•OD Poncho
•Entrenching tool
•Tent half and Stakes
•OD Micro-fleece cap (beanie)
•OD Scarf
•Elastic Boot Bands x8
•OD Liquid filled lensatic compass
•Nomex Flight Gloves (OD or Tan)
•Primary Weapon Magazine x(X)
•Secondary Weapon Magazine x(X)
(X)=number of magazines carried
•Razor Blades x10
•Small Mirror
•Shaving Cream (1 bottle)
•Liquid Body Wash (1 bottle)
•Bar of Soap x2
•Soap Dish
•Tooth Brush
•Tooth Paste (2 small tubes)
•Medicated Lip Balm
•Sun Screen
•Foot Powder
•M45 NBC Mask w/carrier
•Mask carrier
•Gloves and overboots
•Dog tags x2 w/ silencer
Communications Gear
•LITE Headset
•Extra Batteries x2

Ulf turns his head towards the sudden screaming. He noticed just in time Monaco getting engulfed in flames "Ah Feth Monaco!" He grabs his rifle and empties it at the tanker yelling "TANKER!"
Burkes voice breaks through the wall of bullets "FALL BACK!" Ulf pulls Sean up "lets go buddy" he turns on his heels and runs like he had never runned before.
Ulf didnt hear what Burke had yelled but soon Sean was in front of him missing the charge. He almost yelled wheres the charge but then suddenly a grenade goes off behind them. He gets thrown to the ground and holds his head in his arms getting so long down into the ground as it was possible for him.
The silence was terrible and for a moment Ulf didnt know if he was either dead or alive. Ulf opens his eyes to a dust hell. All around him people were getting onto thier feet dusting of the dust

Burke ordered them on, Ulf wasnt sure how many more charges they had to plant but he didnt hope for than two but there was no way to be sure.
As they walked down the tunnel Ulf walks up to sean. "I have a nagging feeling that the charge were rigged to that and geuss who ordered them?"

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