Rules of Combat

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Rules of Combat

Post  Michael Garber on Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:25 pm


1. Profanity is a part of the Marine Corps lifestyle. You can expect to hear a Marine curse from time-to-time. However, please realize that there needs to be a level of moderation to the amount of profanity you allow in your posts and needlessly adding curse words as fillers with result in a quick edit and a verbal warning to watch your language.

2. You are authorized three auto-hits and/or kills per situational posts. Proceeding your auto-hits/kills, you ability to hit or kill a target will be at the whim of the admin.
2a. Failure to obey this rule will result in harm inflicted upon your character.

3. Godmodding - the refusal to take damage or show weakness - or the ability to sneak your way out of impossible situations - is strictly prohibited. As mentioned above, bodily harm to your character can occur if this rule is broken.

4. After having posted as your character, please be patient and wait for a few responses before you jump back into the fray. If you are afraid you have left a piece of vital information out, please simply edit your post and make the proper adjustments/modifications necessary. This rule does not necessarily apply if you are partaking in a solo scene. Additionally, be sure to allow other players the ability to post and catch up with what's going on. Some are slower at responding than others and you must realize this before you decide to get "reply happy."

5. Try to prevent falling into out of character discussions while participating in a role-play. Please take all out of character discussions to the appropriate forums and not in the in character areas (whenever possible).

6. Finally, since a real person can only be at one location at one time, the same must be demanded of your character. If you enter an area and then decide you wish to leave, you must make a post saying you have left the area before posting in another area.
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