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Photo Identification: Not a required field, but definitely helpful (please ensure photo is medium-sized at max).

Name: Anthony Weatherly
Rank: Private
MOS: 0311 Automatic Rifleman
Billet: 16th Fireteam

Years of Service: 2 Months Since Graduation

Age: 18
Height: 6.1
Weight: 166
Personality: Anthony is a kind of person who is kinda quiet at first. once you get to know him he is a reliable and loyal man. He has a strong sense of justice. But if for example he knows a friend who isnt taking the best choices he wont tell the cops or something. Unless you get to know him he ussually stays to himself.

History: Anthony was born in Brooklyn , New York he is from Italian heritage and a long line of Marines. His Great-Grandfather served in WWII , His Grandfather Vietnam , His father in Desert Storm. He from a young age wanted to continue his familys " Legacy ". He has a younger brother to. They grew up normally. His father had been lucky and wasn't mentally scared. So they lived a normal life. He had been offered to go to Military School but turned it down. He wanted to earn it all.

He enlisted on his 18th birthday. He didnt care how hard it would be. He kept to himself at Boot camp. The other recruits nor the Drill Sergeant really did anything postive or negative towards him personally. He made a few freinds there but not to much. He did have good accuracy though. He wasn't the best of his group but close around the 3rd best. He graduated from boot with no problem.

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Medical Conditions: None
Wounds: None

Weapons: M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
Equipment: Marine Corps Uniforms

  • Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform x4

    • Woodland x3
    • Desert x2

      • Blouse (jacket)
      • Trousers

  • OD Undershirts x4
  • ”Wooly-Pooly” Sweater
  • 8-Point Utility Cover x2

    • Woodland
    • Desert

  • Bonnie Cover

    • Woodland
    • Desert

  • Suede Coyote Brown Infantry Combat Boots
  • Suede Coyote Brown Jungle Boots
  • Khaki Web belt
  • MCMAP Color coded Belt
  • Coyote Brown Polartec fleece
  • E.C.W.C.S. Gortex MarPat Jacket

    • Woodland
    • Desert
    • Snow

  • Black/OD/Coyote Tan Boot Socks x3

Physical Training

  • OD PT Shorts
  • Running Shoes “Go fasters”
  • Ankle socks x6
  • OD Sweater w/ EGA stamped on
  • OD Sweatpants
  • USMC Track Jacket
  • USMC Track Trousers
  • Neon yellow Safety Belt

Service Uniform

  • Alpha Blouse
  • Bravo Blouse x3
  • Charlie Blouse x2
  • Service Uniform Trousers x2
  • White Undershirt x3
  • Corframs Dress Shoes(Bates)
  • Garrison “Pisscutter” Cover w/ small black EGA
  • Barracks Cover w/ large black EGA
  • Necktie w/ Clasp
  • Black Socks Knee high x2

Head Gear

  • Lightweight Helmet

    • Reversible Helmet Cover

      • Desert
      • Woodland

    • PVS-14 PASGT Night Vision Mounts
    • Helmet bands

      • OD Green
      • Tan

    • ESS Ballistic Goggles w/ Cover


  • Modular Tactical Armor
  • MOLLE vest (Extra PALS webbing)
  • MOLLE triple STANAG Pouch (3 magazines each)
  • Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK)
  • Black ballpoint pen
  • Black Sharpie
  • Canteen x2
  • Grenade Pouch
  • Flashlight
  • Green Chem light x2
  • OD Duty Belt w/ side release buckle

Other Gear

ILBE Assault Pack ArcTeryx

  • OD Sleeping Bag
  • OD Sleeping Pad
  • Towel x2
  • OD Poncho
  • Entrenching tool
  • Tent half and Stakes
  • OD Micro-fleece cap (beanie)
  • OD Scarf
  • Elastic Boot Bands x8
  • OD Liquid filled lensatic compass
  • Nomex Flight Gloves (OD or Tan)


  • Primary Weapon Magazine x(X)
  • Secondary Weapon Magazine x(X)


  • Razor
  • Razor Blades x10
  • Small Mirror
  • Shaving Cream (1 bottle)
  • Liquid Body Wash (1 bottle)
  • Bar of Soap x2
  • Soap Dish
  • Tooth Brush
  • Tooth Paste (2 small tubes)
  • Medicated Lip Balm
  • Sun Screen
  • Foot Powder


  • M45 NBC Mask w/carrier
  • Mask carrier
  • Overgarments
  • Gloves and overboots


  • Dog tags x2 w/ silencer
  • Wallet

Anthony sat in his bunk cleaning his gun. He looks around. BANG!. A explosion happened from a oil drum outside. He puts the part in his gun back , gets up and run outside. He looks around and sees his Sergeant rallying his team for a counter-assault. Anthony joins in. He is assinged to fire at will. He see's some of the enemy entering. him and some squadmates open fire. As it was a small assault force within a few minutes the attack is swatted. The Corps. suffer minimum Casualties to almost none. ( Im a rper that doesnt put in detail for no reason )

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