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General Rules

Post  Michael Garber on Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:16 pm


1. First and foremost, we would like to state that cursing is acceptable, as long as your character does not curse excessively (with rare exceptions in some circumstances). If your cursing becomes too much of a problem, your post will be edited and you will be warned to watch your language via private message.

2. Respect everyone who visits and uses this role-playing game. We are here to provide a fun and enriched role-playing experience and disrespecting others does no more than detriment that goal. Please, please, be mature.

3. Please remember that you are role-playing as a Marine. Death and loss of friends and, at times, your own life is a very real concept. Do not get angry if your character bites the dust, as it is only a natural part of war. We know that it is a burden to make another character, but please realize we're looking for realism. If you do not like that idea than please don't sign up on our forum, as you will not be happy with the possible outcome. Finally, remember to keep a wall of separation between yourself as a person and that of your character.

4. Do not spam posts or flame others. This ties into respecting everyone that visits or uses this role-playing game. If you post, wait for at least two others to post before you jump back into the frenzy.

5. Do not, and I say again, do NOT plagiarize another person on this role-playing game. If you are going to use or take the work of another person, give them credit where the credit is due.


1. Upon acceptance of your character, you are required to make an in character post within the first ninety-six hours. Failure to do so will result in account deletion. We want an active player base, not a bunch of inactive characters lollygagging about.

2. A person is allowed as many characters as they can possibly handle at a given time; however, you will be required to make a separate account for each character you create to help distinguish between characters. Also, if you wish to create more than one character, please notify the staff of this decision.

3. Do not complain about the rank, MOS, or billet you are assigned. I understand what your desires were and truthfully I apologize that we could not grant you what you had desired, but the needs of the Corps come before your personal ones. We will put you where we need you as opposed to where you want to be placed.


1. You are required to follow all orders of those Marines appointed above you in the chain-of-command by rank and billet unless given an order that is questionable or unlawful.

2. In every mission, there is a chance a Marine will be killed or injured. If you wish that to be your character, than we can work with you in arranging the casualty. However, it is not set in stone that someone will perish or be seriously wounded. It just a possibility.

3. The admin will post the enemy forces size. Please remember these key numbers:
Fireteam = four people.
Squad = thirteen people.
Platoon = forty-eight people.
Company = two hundred fifty people.
Battalion = eleven hundred people.
Regiment = thirty-two hundred people.
Division = twenty-five thousand people.

4. You are human and have human traits and abilities. This isn't Halo where you are some super-hearing, super-strong, super-fast and agile individual who can take on hordes of enemies with small arms and sheer tenacity alone.

4a. Human traits also means that they are not always extremely accurate. Not everyone shall qualify a rifle or pistol expert. So, do not post when you're at the range you fired fire shots that, when examining the target, looked like one because of your beast accuracy.

5. No special weapons are allowed unless specifically authorized by the admin. End of story.

6. If you desire a transfer into a different unit or into a different MOS, please run a request by the admin (please remember that you may or may not be granted the transfer).

7. Female characters are not allowed as there are no female Marines in the Combat Arms (specifically, infantry).

8. Do not attempt gain awards and promotions through idiotic and potentially dangerous stunts. You will only serve the purpose of getting yourself or others killed and then you won't be very popular amongst your fellow comrades for buddy-fucking.

9. Do not use another person's character unless given specific written permission to do so. If questioned, be sure to have evidence that you were awarded permission on hand so that you can avoid punishment.

10. God mode must be TURNED OFF. Do not attempt resist the infliction of damage upon yourself unless you are praying for a quick and bloody death.

11. All posts while on mission, in character, excluding while in garrison (on base) must be at least a paragraph in length. One-liners are far from acceptable, people.

12. Enjoy yourselves and have fun!
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