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Photo Identification:

Name: Walker, Matthew
Rank: Sergeant
MOS: 0311 (Rifleman)
Billet: Fireteam Leader
Years of Service: 4 Years

Age: 22
Height: 6"3'
Weight: 95KG
Personality: With his experience in the USMC, Walker has come to a bit of a no-nonsesne attitude. He still appreciates a joke when it's due, and he'll quite happily join in the communal mockings of his equals, but especially in the field, he is very serious.

Walker was one of the kids of the 80's, spending most of his time in the older, relaxed state of Iowa. His father was an ex-marine, from the 1st Marine Division. From when he could walk, there was an obvious pressure from not only his father, but his Air Force Uncle to join the armed forces. They had him join them when hunting, helped push him in to physical activities, and taught him the basic creed of American servicemen. He was a member of the local JROTC, and this spurred him on to a career in the Marine Corps. After training, he was deployed to the 27th MEU.

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Light Brown
Medical Conditions: None, other than a very light hayfever he manages to hide most of the time.
Wounds: None, but several scars from small injuries throughout his life.

M16A4 Service Rifle
M67 Fragmentation Grenade x2
M18 Smoke Grenade x2
M84 Stun (Flashbang) Grenade x2
Mounted M203 Grenade Launcher
--40mm Grenades x2
Marine Corps Uniforms

  • Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform x4

    • Woodland x3
    • Desert x2

      • Blouse (jacket)
      • Trousers

  • OD Undershirts x4
  • ”Wooly-Pooly” Sweater
  • 8-Point Utility Cover x2

    • Woodland
    • Desert

  • Bonnie Cover

    • Woodland
    • Desert

  • Suede Coyote Brown Infantry Combat Boots
  • Suede Coyote Brown Jungle Boots
  • Khaki Web belt
  • MCMAP Color coded Belt
  • Coyote Brown Polartec fleece
  • E.C.W.C.S. Gortex MarPat Jacket

    • Woodland
    • Desert
    • Snow

  • Black/OD/Coyote Tan Boot Socks x3

Physical Training

  • OD PT Shorts
  • Running Shoes “Go fasters”
  • Ankle socks x6
  • OD Sweater w/ EGA stamped on
  • OD Sweatpants
  • USMC Track Jacket
  • USMC Track Trousers
  • Neon yellow Safety Belt

Service Uniform

  • Alpha Blouse
  • Bravo Blouse x3
  • Charlie Blouse x2
  • Service Uniform Trousers x2
  • White Undershirt x3
  • Corframs Dress Shoes(Bates)
  • Garrison “Pisscutter” Cover w/ small black EGA
  • Barracks Cover w/ large black EGA
  • Necktie w/ Clasp
  • Black Socks Knee high x2

Dress Uniform Enlisted

  • Dress Blue Trousers
  • Dress Blues Cover w/ large gold EGA

Dress Uniform NCO

  • Dress Blue Trousers
  • 1 1/8-inch wide scarlet “Blood” stripe
  • Dress Blues Cover w/ large gold EGA
  • M1859 NCO sword

Head Gear

  • Lightweight Helmet

    • Reversible Helmet Cover

      • Desert
      • Woodland

    • PVS-14 PASGT Night Vision Mounts
    • Helmet bands

      • OD Green
      • Tan

    • ESS Ballistic Goggles w/ Cover


  • Modular Tactical Armor
  • MOLLE vest (Extra PALS webbing)
  • MOLLE triple STANAG Pouch (3 magazines each)
  • Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK)
  • Black ballpoint pen
  • Black Sharpie
  • Canteen x2
  • Grenade Pouch
  • Flashlight
  • Green Chem light x2
  • OD Duty Belt w/ side release buckle

Other Gear

ILBE Assault Pack ArcTeryx

  • OD Sleeping Bag
  • OD Sleeping Pad
  • Towel x2
  • OD Poncho
  • Entrenching tool
  • Tent half and Steaks
  • OD Micro-fleece cap (beanie)
  • OD Scarf
  • Elastic Boot Bands x8
  • OD Liquid filled lensatic compass
  • Nomex Flight Gloves (OD or Tan)


  • Razor
  • Razor Blades x10
  • Small Mirror
  • Shaving Cream (1 bottle)
  • Liquid Body Wash (1 bottle)
  • Bar of Soap x2
  • Soap Dish
  • Tooth Brush
  • Tooth Paste (2 small tubes)
  • Medicated Lip Balm
  • Sun Screen
  • Foot Powder


  • M45 NBC Mask w/carrier
  • Mask carrier
  • Overgarments
  • Gloves and overboots


  • Dog tags x2 w/ silencer
  • Wallet

Communications Gear

  • LITE Headset

    • Extra Batteries x2

  • AN/PRC-148 MBITR
  • SINCGARS-Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System

Oh shit.

Those words were the first coherent thoughts to cross his mind as he crawled atop the small hill and peered over. His personal mantra was the second. "If the attack is going well, you've walked in to an ambush."

He lowered the binoculars, turned around, and pushed slightly, sliding down the muddy incline. He held his M4 high off the ground, to make sure no mud got in to it to screw the weapon up. It was a reliable gun, but it didn't pay to tempt fate.

The platoon was at the bottom, making a loose circle using bushes, trees, rocks, anything that could provide cover. He took yet another look at the weapons. The bulk of them were M4s or M16s, but a trio of M249s and a pair of mortars would give help.

"Enemy are dug in, small rocky outcrop. I see about two squads, 4 machine guns." He stopped for a second, reaching round to his canteen and dropping two large gulps down his throat.

"First and second squads. Move on the right flank. I want as much cover as possible, right?" Nods and confirmations. "Mortars, I want you to put down suppression. Whyte, PFC Andrews, take a Minimi go to the top of the ridge and direct the mortars. Zero with HE, smoke, the more HE. Third squad, with me."


The command was a harsh whisper, and silently the men set to it. The three squads formed up behind behind their respective leaders, and began moving towards the brow of the hill, keeping low so nobody on the other side could see anything.

The mortars were pointed in the general direction of the enemy, and the M249 at the top of the hill set in to position, boxes of ammunition stuck on the bipod to hold it in position. Walker signalled towards the PFc manning the gun and an order was called out, "Fire!"

Two rounds went flying in the air, and Matthew began moving, his squad behind him as he vaulted the top of the hill and began running down, his weapon over his chest ready to fire. Machine gun fire began hither and thither, both from the "Allies" and the enemy, but he kept moving, zig-zagging and using the sparse growth as cover. His boots were slipping a centimeter or so in to the mud with every step, but he carried on, before stopping abruptly, crouching behind a rock. He picked up the small personal radio and slipped his binoculars out from inside his armour, and had a quick look at the enemy position.

"Mortars. Three degress, counter clockwise. Slight increase in elevation"
A brief confirmation and two explosions rang out, with screams confirming a hit. "Smoke!"

Two large clouds began billowing from just in front of the enemy position. Walker took occasional glances at them un til he was satsisfied they were big enough.

"Go, go, go!" He moved with his squad, leaping through the mud, panting with the effort but getting over the open field towards the enemy position. The rocky outcrop was awash with smoke, but as soon as they arrived, sparse rifle fire came on to them, two men were hit, screaming horrible sounds and collapsing in to the mud. Matthew bent down quickly, pulling a grenade from the chest harness of one and pulled off the safety ring. He kept his fingers tight around the handle to stop the fuse beginning and pysched himself up. He let the handle out, stood up and twisted, letting the small explosive package land in the midst of the enemy. He dropped down again, pulled his M4 in to his shoulde and signalled for the men behind him. The second it exploded, he stood up and walked through the smoke. He fired a few quick bursts at bodies on the floor, unsure if they were dead or wounded, but there was no confusion by time he was done.

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Re: Matthew Walker

Post  Michael Hobbar on Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:08 pm

To all who shall see these presents, greetings
Know ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities
of ______Matthew Walker______ I do,
appoint him a ______Sergeant______ In the

United States Marine Corps

to rank as such from the Fifteenth Day of June in the year of our lord Two Thousand and Eleven

This appointee will, therefore, carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed,
by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining. And I do strictly charge and require all personnel
of lesser grade, to render obedience to appropriate orders. And this appointee is to observe and follow such orders
and directions as may be given from time to time by superiors acting to the rules and articles governing the discipline of the

Armed Forces of the United States of America

Given under my hand at Camp Pendleton, California,
this Fifteenth Day of June in the year of our lord Two Thousand and Eleven

/Signed/ Todd Klemens
Commanding Officer


Name: Michael Hobbar
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Billet: 2nd Platoon Sergeant
MOS: 0311 Rifleman
AMMO 6 M16 Mags, 4 M9 Mags
Shades ON
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