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Read Before Applying

Post  Michael Garber on Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:27 pm

Before You Apply... please realize that your characters must seem realistic. Your character cannot have highly specialized military training since birth or some major cliche of that sort. While a character can have gone through JROTC prior to the military, that is as far as one may go in terms of previous military history.

Please remember your character is human. He can take damage and he most definitely has emotions. There is no such thing as the 'perfect detached killer'. Those are cliches epitomized by Hollywood and not realistic to what our troops are like overseas. Please keep this in mind when concocting the personality of your character.

Due to the currently small size of our RPG, some people will be accepted in as NCOs and SNCOs right off the bat. Please realize that this does not grant you the respect of your subordinates. You are a replacement and while your rank must be respected, you as a person may not be. So just because your character has served x amount of years as a Marine means little to us or your subordinates. Thirdly, no 'war hero' characters. This draws back to the first statement that your character must seem realistic. The war hero cliche is rarely, if ever, a true portrayal of our boys overseas.

Also be advised that your character, in his previous history, whether he joined at the age of eighteen or twenty-eight, will have never been a part of a mercenary group or any type of organization that has a questionable nature in mind. In order to enlist into the Marine Corps, you must not have been convicted of any crimes (while there are some exceptions, felonies are instant denials for enlistment) and being a part of an organization with a shady reputation will get your character a denial from the recruiters.

Finally, please realize that Rambo is the greatest and most unrealistic cliche of all time. You will be playing one Marine who, as far as I am concerned, will never be able to take on countless enemies by himself. You are a part of a team and in order to succeed, you must work with this team. If you try to act and work as an individual, or think you're Leeroy Jenkins, you will be killed rather quickly.

That is all,

Michael Garber

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