Rules of Engagement (ROE)

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Rules of Engagement (ROE)

Post  Michael Garber on Tue Apr 06, 2010 1:49 pm

Level 1: Compliant (Cooperative). The subject responds and complies to verbal commands. Close combat techniques do not apply.

Level 2: Resistant (Passive). The subject resists verbal commands but complies immediately to any contact controls. Close combat techniques do not apply.

Level 3: Resistant (Active). The subject initially demonstrates physical resistance. Use compliance techniques to control the situation. Level three incorporates close combat techniques to physically force a subject to comply. Techniques include: Come-along holds, Soft-handed stunning blows, Pain compliance through the use of joint manipulation and the use of pressure points.

Level 4: Assaultive (Bodily Harm). The subject may physically attack, but does not use a weapon. Use defensive tactics to neutralize the threat. Defensive tactics include: Blocks, Strikes, Kicks, Enhanced pain compliance procedures, Impact weapon blocks and blows.

Level 5: Assaultive (Lethal Force). The subject usually has a weapon and will either kill or injure someone if he/she is not stopped immediately and brought under control. The subject must be controlled by the use of deadly force with or without a firearm or weapon.


1.) Damaging any official military personnel (Drill Instructors, officers, etc.).

2.) Damaging any civilians (non-combatants).

3.) Damaging any friendly forces (alive or incapacitated teammates, Indigenous Forces, etc.).

4.) Damaging any official military equipment or mission objectives.

5.) Damaging any incapacitated enemies (exception: grenade damage)
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