Rage of the Dead

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Rage of the Dead

Post  Michael Hobbar on Sat Dec 18, 2010 10:26 am

The world ended. Not in an instant. Not in the blink of an eye. It just devoured itself. It started with sketchy reports of worldwide riots. News reports speculated the first couple of days that some well organized Anarchist party had put together these near simultaneous riots all over Europe and Asia. Gruesome videos were released that showed the "rioters" attacking people, and police and military forces mowing down rioters with machine gun fire. As days passed and the incidents spread to more countries still, people knew this was something more than riots. Enter the "experts." Scientists came forward saying that the so called rioters were infected with a disease, a disease that somewhat resembled a human form of mad cow disease. Becoming infected resulted in the mindless desire to attack and eat the flesh of the living.

Soon the epidemic spread to the United States. people were told to stay in their homes as reports came in that New York had fallen. It was soon followed by Los Angeles. Miami, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Sacramento, Dallas. The crisis wasn't on television anymore, it was outside, in the streets. With the Emergency Broadcasting System taking over for the networks, the directions from the government changed. No longer did they ask the citizenry to stay inside, but to evacuate. First the large cities, then even small towns. Government officials and military commanders broadcast the locations of safe-havens, and the safest routes there. Next the reports just stopped. No television, no radio. Everybody in the world was on their own. The military, or what's left of it is in shambles. The government is gone, perhaps hidden away in some underground bunker. Nobody knows anything, and rumor rules the day...

Brenshaw was a nice town. A town located in the proverbial "middle of nowhere." Anyone in town after noon was better off staying the night. Surrounded by forests it could possibly have been the most secluded place in the United States. In fact it would have been the ideal place to wait things out... had the infected not arrived. Brenshaw is in ruins. The infected have taken over the town, and run rampant in it's streets. There are rumors of a safe zone at the Worthington Mansion, but getting there seems an impossible task. The only road there is cluttered with the automobiles that didn't make it, and the infected heavily populate the forests. You're on your own now; you can either kill or be killed. Seek out others, or live as a hermit, dependent on no-one. You may not have any friends, but you do have enemies. Some call them geeks, others call them walkers. They are called rots, ghouls, and many other names. Whatever you call them, be afraid.


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