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Photo Identification:
Name: Garreth "Hawkeye" Morgan
Rank: Corporal
MOS: 0311 Rifleman
Billet: Fourteenth Fireteam Leader
Years of Service: 6 years

Age: 25
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 123 lb
Personality: Garreth acts like he has the weight of his world on his shoulders. He's seen it all, done it all, and has a hell of a lot of stories to prove it - stories that he's willing to push onto the next person to get in his way... His mind is still whole, but he has a habit of acting 'psychotic' - just to see which number of the new recruits are willing to go the distance.

He is a true patriot - and will defend that honour until the end... Or so he says. Truth be told, he's a Kiwi man through and through, and would rather be on some little farm out in the Waikato, instead of in the grit with his fellow soldiers. Which he enjoys nonetheless. He isn't a sadist. He doesn't take pleasure in killing. But he knows that he must - and he knows that as long as danger threatens the safety of Free Peoples, he's going to fight them.

In combat, Garreth is silent, and seems to be deep in thought. He has a habit of using this as a chance to avoid distractions, and increase his perception depth.

History: Garreth was born on a farm, in a little island south of the rest of the world. His mother was a "want-more" woman, and left Garreth with his father, so that she could jet-set around the world, instead of being stuck on some dingy farm. Born in Hamilton, New Zealand, Garreth spent the first ten years of his life as a farm boy, tending to a small dairy farm on the Waikato River. Working with the cows kept him fit, and constant hunting expeditions to go and hunt stoats and the like gave him an eye for a rifle.

At the age of 8, his father forced him to join the local gun club. Just a small whim, but it let him put more practice behind the rifle, and trained his eye to spot more than just the usual moving target. He also found a preference to lighter rifles, preferring the ability to be able to move it up to target faster.

And then came the day that his mother came home, from America. Instead of seeing him as a well-built and fit young man, she saw this farmwork as being degrading to her son. As a New Yorker, she believed that he should have a nice life, one that would be filled with pampering and love. So she fought for custody back - and got it. I mean, who can deny a big, expensive lawyer?

So he moved to NYC, and, well, hated it. He hated the fact that he had everything done for him. He hated the fact that he just had to go downstairs to get lunch. No, it wasn't enough. He wanted something to do. And after another 8 years of pampered schooling, he found an out. He found the Marines. But his mother refused. She wasn't going to let him waste his life.

He didn't care. He simply didn't tell her until after he'd enlisted. After basic training was complete, he told her. And she went ballistic, so ballistic, in fact, that he was immediately disowned, and killed from all of her wills. Again, he simply didn't care... He was a soldier. And it was better than being a pampered ass.

Well, during his time at SOI, Garreth wasn't the perfect student. He listened, and did his work, but other than that, never really tried that hard. So it seemed that he'd simply pass at the middle of his class. Not that it bothered him - he was in the Marines, and spiting his mother, who had abandoned him, only to come back to decide what was best for him...

But he found something that he was good at, too. While he wasn't a fan of automatic weaponry, he found that with the lighter M4, he could both keep some sort of movement up, as well as keeping his aim just as true. Although the reduced range was a problem for him, he decided that it wasn't any worse than a slug-gun, or a .22.

His first friend he found within the Forces was one William Siegfried. He was a sarcastic one, but they just... clicked. They spent a lot of their years working together. Rather than leaving and getting to safety with the rest of his team, Garreth opted to remain with William when under fire. An explosion maimed a lot of the skin on his back during this time, and put him out of service for a few months. He also decided to give William full credit for the action.

He also served in Afghanistan, but wasn't of any prominence within the battle. He did what he was told, and got out alive. There was one, incident, however, where he came up against a lone soldier, and his rifle jammed. What was even more surprising was the face the his opponent's rifle jammed at the same time. They simply ditched the weapons, and it became a knife-fight. Garreth did kill his opponent, but not before receiving a cut that spread across his scalp, leaving a lasting scar.

He was then transferred to Hotel Company, and has worked there since then.

Received Medals:
- Iraqi Campaign Medal
- Afghan Campaign Medal
- National Defense Service Medal
- Global War on Terror Expeditionary
- Purple Heart

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Medical Conditions: Insomnia
Wounds: Burn marks on back. Knife mark on scalp.

Weapons: M4 Carbine with M203 UGL; AN/PVQ-31 (TA31RCO) ACOG x4 Scope; Flashlight; M9A1, silenced; Ka-Bar

Equipment: Marine Corps Uniforms

  • Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform x5

    • Woodland x3
    • Desert x2

      • Blouse (jacket)
      • Trousers

  • OD Undershirts x4
  • 8-Point Utility Cover x2

    • Woodland
    • Desert

  • Bonnie Cover

    • Woodland
    • Desert

  • Suede Coyote Brown Infantry Combat Boots
  • MCMAP Color coded Belt
  • E.C.W.C.S. Gortex MarPat Jacket

    • Woodland
    • Snow

  • Black/OD/Coyote Tan Boot Socks x3

Service Uniform

  • Alpha Blouse
  • Bravo Blouse x3
  • Charlie Blouse x2
  • Service Uniform Trousers x2
  • White Undershirt x3
  • Corframs Dress Shoes(Bates)
  • Garrison “Pisscutter” Cover w/ small black EGA
  • Barracks Cover w/ large black EGA
  • Necktie w/ Clasp
  • Black Socks Knee high x2

Dress Uniform Enlisted

  • Dress Blue Trousers
  • Dress Blues Cover w/ large gold EGA

Dress Uniform NCO

  • Dress Blue Trousers
  • 1 1/8-inch wide scarlet “Blood” stripe
  • Dress Blues Cover w/ large gold EGA
  • M1859 NCO sword

Head Gear

  • Lightweight Helmet

    • Reversible Helmet Cover

      • Desert/Woodland

    • PVS-14 PASGT Night Vision Mounts
    • Helmet bands

      • Tan

    • ESS Ballistic Goggles w/ Cover


  • Modular Tactical Armor
  • MOLLE vest (Extra PALS webbing)
  • MOLLE triple STANAG Pouch (3 magazines each)
  • Dump Pouch
  • Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK)
  • Black Sharpie
  • Dark Green Camelbak
  • Grenade Pouch
  • Flashlight
  • Green Chem light x1
  • OD Duty Belt w/ side release buckle

Other Gear

ILBE Assault Pack ArcTeryx

  • OD Sleeping Bag
  • OD Sleeping Pad
  • Towel x 1
  • OD Poncho
  • Entrenching tool
  • Tent half and Stakes
  • OD Micro-fleece cap (beanie)
  • OD Scarf
  • Elastic Boot Bands x8
  • OD Liquid filled lensatic compass
  • Nomex Flight Gloves (OD or Tan)


  • Primary Weapon Magazine x2
  • Secondary Weapon Magazine x2


  • Razor
  • Razor Blades x10
  • Small Mirror
  • Shaving Cream (1 bottle)
  • Liquid Body Wash (1 bottle)
  • Bar of Soap x2
  • Soap Dish
  • Tooth Brush
  • Tooth Paste (2 small tubes)
  • Medicated Lip Balm
  • Sun Screen
  • Foot Powder


  • M45 NBC Mask w/carrier
  • Mask carrier
  • Overgarments
  • Gloves and overboots


  • Dog tags x2 w/ silencer
  • Wallet

Communications Gear
  • LITE Headset

    • Extra Batteries x2

The sun beat down on the man's face as he sat in place, not moving, not speaking, only breathing lightly. He'd been waiting for this oppurtunity for weeks, and he wasn't planning on letting it slip by. He smiled softly, and narrowed his eyes, before moving for the first time in twenty minutes, to slip a pair of shades out form his pocket and on to his face, wiping some sweat away, and putting his hand back into it's original position.

Nothing's moving aggressively out there... Looks like I got in with ease... He sighed, and lay down, peering into the scope of the rifle that sat nearby. A crackling buzz came into his ears. More orders. He listened... for about 30 seconds. 30 seconds was all he needed to realise that the information was not for him.

He reached a hand up to his ear, and spoke lightly.

"Alright. I'm in position. We doing this?" Laughs came into the earpiece. Obviously, there were some Marines who happened to be surprised by this sudden mood taking Garreth and making him want to talk. He sighed - can we just get on with this? His wish was answered, as the jeep drove into the camp that he was watching over. Looks like the cavalry had arrived.

He took aim, and fired the first shot.

Player Name: Garreth Morgan
Player E-Mail:
Recruiter: William Siegfried

(added note - I hope this is alright... My knowledge of the Marines and the way they work could fit on a pinhead. xD)

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