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Frequently Asked Questions

Post  Michael Garber on Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:39 pm

This post is dedicated to answering the frequently asked questions (FAQ) that potential players may have about the role-playing game. If you would like to add any questions and their corresponding answers to this list, please contact the admin immediately via private message.

First and foremost, welcome to the Dogs of War RPG. Do you have any questions?

What is the RPG about?
This RPG is based on the Marines of the fictional Hotel Company, assigned to the 4th Battalion, 1st Regiment, 27th MEU.

I'm new to this kind of RPG; how does it work exactly?
Glad you asked, actually. This is a forum-based RPG. Meaning that it's kind of like a book. You type up what your character does or is doing and his expressions, thoughts, and etc. It's a way for those who are too academically challenged to write a book to make and flesh out their own miniature stories.

Is this a true type of RPG?
Yes. If you would like, go to Wikipedia and type in "Play-By-Post RPGs" and see what comes up.

Who is in charge of the RPG?
I am. However, I will appoint staff members to assist me in the administration and general leadership of the role-playing game from time-to-time.

Do I, as a player, have to follow military law and regulations?
When you are playing in character, yes. When you are strictly out of character, especially in an area not designated as related to the current mission or operation, than no.

How do I start?
Simply visit the Recruitment Office and read the posts there and you're good to go.
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